A Lipolaser Can Pay For Itself In Months

Are you a health professional looking to take advantage of the latest way to reduce fat in your patients? Let’s face it; patients do not want to do what it takes to lose their fat. And, it’s amazing how many products are on the market that advertises losing weight or fat by just sitting around. If you are like me, you look at these ads and wonder who would fall for it. However, all you have to do is ask around to find out that people want to so desperately believe in a magic cure that they will ignore logic and common sense.

Well, if you are in the health profession and your clients keep clamoring for a magic pill, you do not have to deny them any longer. Lipolaser technology offers the magic pill for those of us who want to stay grounded in reality.

An Investment With a Quick Return

The price for these machines is not cheap, which if you think about it, is a good thing. If you are seriously interested in the health of your clients, you want to be comfortable with the solutions you are offering. And, the technology behind the latest lipolaser machines is incredible. No wonder these machines start at around $12,000 and can get as high as $90,000. 

Wow! That’s a lot of money, I know. But, if you look at the cost of treatments you will understand that this is an investment that pays for itself in no time. The total cost of treatments for a client can range from $2,000 to $6,000. Naturally, some clients require less work and can end up paying less. However, there are also clients that will require a substantial amount of treatments and can easily exceed the $6,000 mark.


Due to the dangers or removing fat too quickly from the human body, treatments have to be spread out. However, it’ easy to imagine that it will only take a handful of clients to get you into a profitable situation with your new lipolaser machine. So, if you have the type of clientele that can not only benefit from this treat but can afford to pay the fees that this treatment rightfully deserves – then you should seriously consider getting into the lipsolaser business.

How to Pick The Right Machine For You.

There is no one best machine because each machine has its strengths and each health professional has their needs. As such, I suggest to talk to several sales people and read multiple reviews before making a decision to part with that much money.

However, in general, I can make several suggestions. First, please think twice or better yet, think three times when looking at a machine for under $10,000. They do exist, but usually, these machines are substandard or somehow related to a scam artist. Next, there is such a thing as paying way too much for one of these machines. There are legitimate reasons for machines to cost more than others. However, you should first evaluate if you need the extra bells and whistles and then evaluate if you are being scammed or if the high price machine you are looking at can deliver as promised.

Picking the right machine can be daunting and paying that much money can be painful. However, if you are a health professional with patients that will benefit and pay for this service, it’s not that hard of a decision after all.