Steps to Follow When Searching for a Roofing Company in Calgary

Property owners in Calgary that want to find a suitable roofing professional will need to follow these tips if they want to make a better-informed decision. There are many roofing companies calgary progressive roofing out there to choose from, so it would be prudent to carefully screen these roofers before you make any final decisions.

Avoid Hiring Freelance Roofers

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With the Alberta economy trying to recover you will notice a large number of carpenters trying to get freelance work as roofers. While these individuals may be able to do the job you should give preference to licensed roofing companies calgary progressive roofing contractors. These are just some of the primary reasons why you should only work with a fully licensed Calgary roofing contractor.

·    Your property insurance provider will not cover you in the event the workers are injured or damaged is done to your property. Somewhere inside the fine print of your home insurance policy there is a section that speaks about hiring licensed professionals to make significant modifications or repairs to your home. If you knowingly hired someone who was not licensed then your insurance policy could become null and void.

·    The freelancer has no real accountability to you. Once you hand over the initial deposit the freelancer could simply take the money and run. While in theory a roofing contractor could do the same they are less likely to do that because it would be the end of their business.

·    Freelancers generally do not take as much pride in their work as someone who is doing roofing as their primary profession. The freelancer is just treating this as a job in between jobs so they are not going to give the task the same amount of attention a person who considered this their primary source of income.

·    Contractors are usually able to get better rates on materials because they have established relationships with various roofing suppliers. This means you are able to save additional money because the contractor was able to procure high quality materials at discounted prices. Since the freelancer does not have that option you are already paying higher for the freelancer right from the start.

Finding a Suitable Calgary Based Roofing Contractor

The initial step is to create a list of licensed roofing contractors in Calgary that have websites. When you have identified all of the contractors you should book in-person meetings with them. The contractor will be able to assess your roofing needs and prepare a quote. This meeting will also give you the opportunity to get to know the roofing contractor and determine whether they are a suitable match for you. While comparing the quotes you also should find out whether the contractor has a warranty of some type on the work they are doing. Without a warranty you should not deal with that specific roofing contractor. Investing in a new roof requires a significant investment of capital on your end so it would be in your best interest to start screening these roofing contractors ASAP.